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MyFit NEXT skrituļslidu iekšzābaki
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MyFit NEXT skrituļslidu iekšzābaki

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The MYFIT Next Recall Dual fit liner was developed with the sizes following Next shells and with maximum comfort and performance as their primary function. The liner features special Recall memory foam which molds to your foot shape, again and again, providing maximum comfort in order to make them suitable for both short intense training sessions but also longer skate trips. MYFIT liners feel great from the very first moment you put them on thanks to our 3D anatomically shaped padding made out of a combination of various layers of high-end foam materials with different thicknesses and densities, offering the same great comfort and performance day after day. The toe box features a stretchable SBR material that covers two sizes. In order to protect the liner from wear and tear the ankle area is coated with sturdy PU leather. Silicone prints across the heel and sole of the liner grip the inside of the skate and increase the power transfer and comfort. The lacing on the Recall liner adds extra stability and fixation for maximum control and performance. The lace loops on the liner give two options – to lace just the liner or to connect the shell and liner to further improve the heel lock. The heel area is fully heating moldable and allows you to customize the fit again and again. MYFIT Next Recall Dual fit liners are recommended for all Next skates but also for wider fitting hardshell skates with space for a thicker liner or for skaters who want to improve performance and function of their skates as well as for skaters who want superior comfort.

Sizes: Dual sizes with stretch toe system
Heat Moldability: MYFIT liner with 90°C
Material Upper: Elastane and SBR
Top Closure: Lacing with loops
Innersole: MYFIT skatesole
Padding Material: Polyurethane, EVA- and memory foam
Outsole Material: PVC grip material
Carry System: Rear strap
Tounge: Medium wide and medium hardness
Grip System: Silicon prints on heel and sole
Lining: High grade velvet and SBR
Protection: Both side against damage caused by hinge screws and antirivits
Stiffness: Medium
Liner Height in CM: 20cm
Extra Features: Recall memory padding

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