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ENNUI BLVD protective shorts aizsargšorti

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The best protection available for your hips. The hip and upper leg area suffers the most after years of skating. All the impacts you have while learning new tricks, after a while even the smallest impacts get annoying, it sums up to literally a pain in the ass. The ENNUI™ BLVD protective pants provides protection for the hips, tailbone, thighs and back of the legs. The padding is completely removable, so you can customize the pants to your own needs. The padding is made of a high-quality, dual-density, EVA material for maximum protection. Best of both worlds combined to make sure you're protection the way you would like it. A softer EVA against the leg for maximum comfort. A harder EVA to reduce the impact when you crash. The sides of the padding are flattened out to ensure minimum bulkiness. Next to the padding the protective pants also contains removable plastic covers for the hips and tailbone area. These will spread the impact over a larger area for even better protection. Only the best materials are used to give you the most pleasant feeling protective pants ever. Made from a light stretchable mesh material to fit perfect around your body without getting to warm after a session or training. The BLVD protective pants passed all the tests and is CE certificated for skating, cycling and motorcycling, including the test under -20°C for snow sports. This means that the ENNUI™ protective pants will protect you even in the most demanding and extreme situations. Recommended for: inline skating, skateboard, BMX, MTB, scooter, streetboard, longboard, roller derby, snow sports, water sports and motorcycling


  • Available in sizes: S/M/L/XL


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