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Epic Dash grindshoes

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Epic Grindshoes, the Freeslide brand. What if your footwear could open up an endless new world of possibilities? With zero sacrifices to regular walking function, Epic Grindshoes allow you to combine ANYTHING with grinding. Walking? Throw in a grind! Are you on a board or a scooter? Are you into Parkour or Free running? Innovate a whole new realm of combos and tricks - or be a founding pioneer of a new genre of extreme sports, Free slide. The Epic Dash combines comfort with the ability to use the city as your playground. These high-quality Freeslide shoes have multiple lacing options for extra control and comfort, as well as a rugged construction for enhanced durability. Above all, the Epic Dash allows you to innovate and combine grinds with anything, or in other words, grab your Epic Dash and grind everything.

Sizes: 36-47 EU
Shoe Upper Material: Thick and strong suede leather
Shoe outsole Material: Shockabsorbing EVA and rubber sole
Shoe Closure: Traditional lacing & hidden lace loops
Grind Plate Material: Nylon PA66 & glass-fiber
Weight: 420 g (size 41)
Shoe Durability: High: TPU reinforcements, rubber outsole, real leather
Shoe Innersole: Shockabsorbing EVA innersole

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