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Fuse Chroma night panther Youth skrejriteņu cimdi bērniem

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ID: 3706
Produkta kods: 39070140421

(Bez PVN: 23.88€)

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The CHROMA series takes our new glove line and injects a vibrant and exciting selection of colors and flavors to suit every rider. Using the highest quality materials and a rider-tested slim fit, the CHROMA glove is the perfect hand-wear for the rider wanting a glove with no compromises but also wanting to stand out from the crowd

We’re all about giving the new generation what they need to shred at their highest level. For this season we are excited to offer new YOUTH Sizes on most of our CHROMA glove line, allowing more riders than ever before able to enjoy some of the best gloves in the game.

In addition to that we have upgraded the palm material on most Fuse Protection gloves to use the superior, thinner and incredibly durable “CLARINO” textile, making our gloves feel better and last day in-day out. So much work and development have gone into perfecting our glove line and we are stoked to share with you this latest upgrade!

Palm Material: NEW updated super thin and durable Clarino™ material for increased feel and long-term wear resistance.

Upper Material: Sublimated solid Polyester+PU fabric for greater comfort and flexibility.


  • Reinforcement on index and thumb
  • Sweat wipe, micro-fiber thumb
  • Silicone grips on brake fingers
  • Adjustable velcro wrist strap
  • Weight: 51g

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