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Powerslide Race Attack black ķivere

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Stay safe and get noticed when you’re reaching new speeds and striving to beat your personal best in the Race Attack helmet from POWERSLIDE. The perfect option for inline skaters focused on racing, speed, and marathons, this helmet is light and aerodynamic, designed to cut through the air with ease. The POWERSLIDE Race Attack helmet has an LED light on the backside of the helmet to ensure you’re always seen, even in low light conditions. The light can be easily recharged via a USB port. Of course, safety is a top priority and the POWERSLIDE Race Attack helmet doesn’t disappoint, incorporating high-density EPS foam and a durable ABS plastic shell that protects you from impacts and abrasions. The helmet can be adjusted to fit your head perfectly, and the helmet also comes in size small, making the Race Attack a great option for your skaters and people with modest or narrow heads. The Race Attack will be offered in three attractive colors and conforms to the European safety standard for bicycle helmets.

Head Circumferences / Sizes: 50-54cm / 54-58cm
Adjustable Head Ring: true
Outside Shell Construction: In-mold
Outside Shell Material: ABS
Padding Material Helmet: Sealed EVA pads
EPS: High density EPS
Straps Helmet: Nylon
Closure Helmet: Easy clip buckle
Weight: 190g (50-54cm) / 220g (54-58cm)
Battery included/needed: true


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